Friday Create Along

Here are my fat quarter produce bags from the Sew Mama Sew tutorial.

I couldn’t find utility mesh, as the pattern called for, but the nice lady at Fabricland helped me out and what I ended up using is a meshy drapery fabric. Hey it works.

I’m not sure yet how these will work being weighed at the grocery store, or if they’re see thru enough to be used, but we hit the farmers market all summer and these would be great to separate our fruits and veggies instead of tossing them all into the same sack. I promised my hubby I’d make some manly ones.

Next up is this this fun door stops from Mollie Makes. With warmer weather coming some of our doors like to slam shut with the ‘down by the lake’ breeze we get moving through our upstairs. This outta fix that!

8 Responses to Friday Create Along

  1. I need you to teach me how to sew!!! I’m just not good at it lol

  2. LOVE those produce bags!

  3. Great produce bags!! Love the door stoppers!!Have a great week! xo Heather

  4. This project is fantastic! I’ve been wanting to make some produce bags for a long time. I tend to avoid the flimsy plastic ones at the store and I always get a weird look from the cashier.

    I always feel so inspired to get sewing when I visit your blog Tara. I just bought two of the Keyka Lou patterns thanks to you. Can’t wait to get stitching!

  5. The door stopper and the grocery bag are both so cute!

  6. Lovely produce bag! I made a similar one last summer but it’s about twice the size. I’ll use the sew mama sew pattern to sew a smaller one next weekend :)
    Thank you so much for sharing, your blog is inspiring!

  7. That’s awesome Chantilly! Create away!

  8. Sure, teach me some graphics tricks!

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