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Friday Create Along

Here are my fat quarter produce bags from the Sew Mama Sew tutorial.

I couldn’t find utility mesh, as the pattern called for, but the nice lady at Fabricland helped me out and what I ended up using is a meshy drapery fabric. Hey it works.

I’m not sure yet how these will work being weighed at the grocery store, or if they’re see thru enough to be used, but we hit the farmers market all summer and these would be great to separate our fruits and veggies instead of tossing them all into the same sack. I promised my hubby I’d make some manly ones.

Next up is this this fun door stops from Mollie Makes. With warmer weather coming some of our doors like to slam shut with the ‘down by the lake’ breeze we get moving through our upstairs. This outta fix that!

Quick and practical

I made one of them there plastic bag holder things!

I saw a tutorial and then couldn’t seem to find it again so I just sort of made it up. I mean how hard can 2 elastic pieces in a tube of fabric be!? The thing that took the longest was finding the perfect fabric, I wanted it to hang in the kitchen and didn’t have anything in my stash that would work.

I love how it fits in perfectly. It was also really easy, I think I’ll be destashing and making a bunch for people I know. We have so few plastic bags around now anyway but it’s nice not to have that cupboard of them that attacks you when you open it!

Sew Mama Sew fabric swap fun!

So I signed up for this swap at SewMamaSew and it was too fun!  First I got to dig through my ever growing stash of fabric and find some things I thought other people might like.  THEN envelopes with fabric started to arrive!!

So fun!  Tanya was playing along too, she sent me the fun aqua colour fabric that reminds me of those sparkles in 50’s counter tops. Kristin was a super star and said she was decluttering and sent 3 fat quarters!!!

Swap much?

So I said I wasn’t going to do Happy Mail again right now because I was surprised by the shipping costs, even though it was super fun. Instead I sign up for 2 other swaps!!

I got into a card swap with Missy over at Crafty Carnival AND I’m part of the fat quarter swap at Sew Mama Sew! Guess the fabric store and post office are going to see a lot me this month!

I ordered these buttons the other day, from Gnipmap on Etsy. Just felt the need for some pics.