The people that you meet.

While it can be discouraging when you spend your day at a table with your wares and maybe it doesn’t turn out as you had hoped I usually love the vibe and people at craft shows. Even if no one buys anything you’re bound to hear some compliments. At the last show I was beside this lovely lady and this gentleman and we had a fun day.

The weather was wonky, dark clouds one moment, sunny the next, and downpour in between, but we kept smiling and supported each other. I thanked all the people for coming out on such a cool, icky June day. A ton of my cards & magnets were scooped up and I had a quick run around and saw some neat stuff.

I’m in love with the shirts this lady creates!

I grabbed cards and would like to share the love and show you some of the things I liked about the First Sunday Stroll. Please click images if you like what you see and you’ll be whisked away to more work by these fine artists.

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