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Here’s what I made, it’s a wallet from Bags–The Modern Classics: Clutches, Hobos, Satchels & More by Sue Kim. I love this book and have about a zillion pages tagged as ‘To Do’.

I love the wallet, it’s super cute but it did reaffirm my hatred of bias tape.

Initially I made my own nice red bias tape using left overs from this wallet I made, but I had a super difficult time catching the stitching on both sides. Instead I went for commercial made stuff which went better but still isn’t great. I have no idea how to manoeuvre this stuff around curved edges!

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

All month long in September,  Craft Buds will celebrate sewing, quilting and all kinds of craft books by shining the spotlight on new releases, interviewing authors and editors who make the magic happen and giving you a chance to win.

Blog Hop

Week One

Sunday 9/2: Hopeful Threads / The Jolly Jabber
Monday 9/3: Stitchery Dickory DockMe Sew Crazy
Tuesday 9/4: Olive & OllieSew Sweetness
Wednesday 9/5: Fabric SeedsThe Busy Bean
Thursday 9/6: CraftFoxesStitched In Color
Friday 9/7: Katie’s KornerA Prairie Sunrise

Week Two
Sunday 9/9: Sweet Diesel Designsmissknitta’s studio
Monday 9/10: Sew TaraClover and Violet
Tuesday 9/11: Sew Fantasticamylouwho
Wednesday 9/12: Projektownia JednoiglecTwo More Seconds
Thursday 9/13: Ellison Lane QuiltsDon’t Call Me Betsy
Friday 9/14: Live a Colorful LifeLRstitched

Week Three
Sunday 9/16: Fairy Face DesignsCanoe Ridge Creations
Monday 9/17: Inspire Me GreyFreshly Pieced
Tuesday 9/18: Lindsay SewsThe Cute Life
Wednesday 9/19: The Littlest ThistleSew Crafty Jess
Thursday 9/20: Urban Stitchesimagine gnats
Friday 9/21: Sew Bittersweet DesignsThe Plaid Scottie

Week Four

Link up your craft book project at Craft Buds from Sept 23-30 from your blog or Flickr account, and enter to win prizes. Winners will be announced on Monday, October, 1!

To participate in the month-long contest, link up any project you’ve made from a pattern in a craft book. That easy! Say a little about the book, the project, how you personalized it, etc.

No time to create a project? This month, just follow Craft Buds and comment to win some new craft books and lots of giveaways! They’ll also have expert Q-and-As to show you what it takes to write a craft book, from the initial idea to the layout, photography and the actual printed product.

14 Responses to Craft Book Month Blog Hop

  1. Your wallet is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m dying over this adorable bunny button! What’s the fabric? (Thanks for hopping along with us!)

  3. Very nice! Especially LOVE that button! :)

  4. I picked up that button at a neat store in downtown Toronto. They had a whole dish of them made from Japanese fabrics, so the sign said. They were $3 each though so I only picked up the one. It’s ridiculously cute though. No clue what fabric is it, sorry.


  6. Ugh! I feel you on the bias tape. It’s really hit or miss for me. There have been a few (VERY few) times I got it on perfectly the first time.

  7. it turned out really sweet! I love that rabbit button. The trick is to only sew one side on at a time. First sew the front on, as it’s bias tape it stretches so you should be able to ease it round the corners. Then you sew the back on – by hand. Some people machine stitch it but it must be a skill that I don’t have as if I do, it turns out a mess!

  8. Cheryl Gunderson

    The little wallet is great. And I don’t feel one bit ashamed to let you know that I totally understand your hatred of bias tape – especially the purchased kind. It’s too stiff or something. The book looks like it would be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

  9. Yeah I’ve been machine stitching. I can’t do it without the stitching peeking out in places . . .maybe I need to do the whole thing by hand. Every once in a while I get forgetful and give it a try again, then I get frustrated.

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  11. Good blog, I admire your honesty about the bias tape. I prefer homemade, too. One issue with bias tape is that one side needs to be noticeably longer than the other side, not just a hair difference. I like the above suggestion about sewing each side separately. Also, corners need to be mitered where you fold up then at a 45 degree angle. Just like a quilt corner. Yours turned out great. Another hint, sew extra rows of stitching on the bias tape to cover up wrinkles. Sew happy!

  12. Yep, that’s why a Halloween potholder never made it onto my blog :) it was… Tragic. But I still gifted it to the person I made it for. I told them i would only go through “all this” pointing at the binding, for someone I really loved.

  13. Haha, that’s awesome. Bias tape is the devil, it’s decided.

  14. Hello girls–got started looking at your posts from Sunday Morning Quilts..I’ve been a quilter for a lo-o-ong time and handled lots of bias tape originally being taught coached by a sewing mom from the 1950s. What I’ve learned and adapted: 1. As above, Sew one side at a time, the first side slightly closer to the edge to get that extra little bit on the other side. When you get to the corners,take your time and gently arrange the tape using a seam ripper or long hatpin or similar tool every 1/8″ as you go around the corner. You can also make your corner a little rounder which makes it easier, or make it square and miter the tape around the edge. You can also arrange the tape on the corner and pin it. Remove pins as you get to them. Here’s the best trick: 2. After one side is completely finished, USING 1/4″ Steam-a-seam, press it on by hand all around the opposite edge. It doesn’t always stick tight, so I do a few inches at a time, then wrap the tape around and stick it onto the steam-a-seam. You may need to pin it or you can iron-baste it by just quickly touching it with the warm iron, but don’t completely fuse it yet. This way you can arrange the tape around the corners, when you get it like you like it, then fuse the 2nd side down. Now 3..from the first side, you should be able to stitch in the ditch and catch the tape on the back. use a small stitch length (2.0) and sometimes even smaller around corners. The shorter the stitch, the easier it is to turn corners. I hope someone finds this helpful. My sewing mantras: Beautiful sewing is in the details, and Sewing doesn’t require patience, it teaches patience. I’m very inspired by all your posts and photos!

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