Blissdom CA

Wow. Just wow.

Yes it’s taken me a week to write this post but life has been so ridiculously busy and also I haven’t really known where to start with it all. But I can say I had an absolutely amazing time at Blissdom Canada!

It was my first time so I was a bit hesitant but I had no reason to be. I only live about 30 mins outside of Toronto so while I could have commuted back and forth I decided to get a hotel room. I tweeted @BlissdomCA and asked if there was a system for finding roomies, they just retweeted me and I found the wonderful Shannon. I kid you not she is amazing. Her recap of the weekend is freaking hilarious.

So I had only chatting with Shannon on twitter and email a bit, then Friday night her plane had to make an emergency landing and she was about 7 hours later than she meant to be! She didn’t get to the hotel until 11:30ish. Normally I’m a night owl but I was pretty tired that day and probably would have been in bed already if it wasn’t for the fact that a stranger was about to walk into the room and I was in bed in my jammies. But she walked in and we got along and all was well.

I noticed that fantastic painting placement while trying to keep my eyes open waiting for Shannon.

I had made some friends Friday night during the fun car rally and all four of us ended up spending some fun times together. It was a great weekend.

Oh and I also learned some stuff, got a load of SWAG and met a lot of great people. I have a pile of cards to show for it and plan on shouting from the rooftops about the ones that I adore.

I learned about Movember and even got involved.

We headed to Soupstock in the afternoon before parting ways.

***some photos lovingly stolen from Shannon’s tweets and such, thanks roomie****

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