Working out with kids in tow.

Now that I’ve lost over 50 pounds I figured I should start exercising. I’ve been on this mission for 16 months now and have yet to step foot into the gym, despite having a membership, despite living a 5 minute walk from the community center . . . yeah yeah yeah. Historically the obstacle to me getting to the gym has been the little ones. I’ve decided to stop using that excuse.

Last June I was counting the days to summer holidays because the community centre had child care during the day and I was planning on leaving the kids to play while I went upstairs to work out. Conveniently they cancelled it at the end of June. And while I can use all of the city gyms, this one right here was the only one with a childcare program. So I’m getting inventive in how I can work this with children in tow.

I downloaded the Couch to 5K app. Saturday I lugged the kids out of the house and took them around the block and up and down the street while I completed the 30 minute program. It was a semi success. We discovered someone must have stolen Nate’s new-to-him-at-Easter scooter from our front lawn so he had his old wobbily wheeled one. That meant that when Wesley and I would run for 60 seconds Nate would launch into tears at how far ahead we were getting, and rather than haul it to catch up he’d get off his scooter and cry. Oh to be 4 years old. *That* meant Wesley and i would spend the 90 seconds walking back to him so we’d all be together.

Sunday we walked over to the park, which was my warm up, then I ran circles around the play structure, nearby trees, the tennis court, whatever to complete the program. Other than me looking a bit silly this was more of a success.

Today was my afternoon off from school so I just ran right before the kids would be home from school. It was a nice time except for this crazy little black bugs that fill the air around the lake near my house at this time of year.

Tomorrow I might try running in the gym, just to change things up a bit, but we’ll see.

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