Untackled projects

Oh my, here I was making a quick question up for the whole Rafflecopter thing and little did I know all the fun answers I was going to get to “What project are you dying to try but just haven’t gotten to just yet?” on my Giveaway Day post!

I don’t want to mess with the comments on that post but please let me say I am ready each and every one of those answers and I cheer you all on in my head with little yeses and “I have that too!” and “Why haven’t you tried that yet it’s so easy? You *can* do it!”

If you have an unfinished project or a ‘man I have to start that some day’ project lying around, please go to that post and read the 60+ comments. You are not alone. There are others like you. And most importantly, you can do it!!

If you haven’t entered please do so now :)

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