Fabric swap anyone?

Ok I’m sooo ready for this.

I think I’m so ready that I’ll play twice.

Fine print –

– scraps must measure at least 2 inches by 2 inches, there is no maximum size but it is supposed to help you destash your scrap bin so sending fat quarters probably won’t help with that.

– scraps must be unwashed, clean, and in usable condition

– fabrics should be of relatively the same weight, cottons/linens/light canvas so allow for quilting or use in the same project

– be able to send 10-ish ounces to your partner mailed by May 27th

Leave a comment with your blog or email and I will match us up on Monday May 20th and send an email to you and your swap buddy.

13 Responses to Fabric swap anyone?

  1. UM! Yea! I don’t know how much I have, and to how many scraps account for 10 OZs…..but I can go through my bin. I have a lot that I am SO TIRED of looking at!

  2. I’m in! How much is 10 oz?

  3. YES! My favorite thing ever!!!


  4. I’m in. How much is 10 oz?

  5. I’m in! :) I don’t have a kitchen scale to measure 10oz. but i’ll send a nice envie!!

  6. Are we limiting to the “type” of fabrics beyond weight? I see Tula Pink & Joel Dewberry in your pile & I’d love to get those, Thimbleberries, Civil War reproductions, 30’s reproductions, batiks, Kansas Troubles & the like not so much…

    Also is this an international swap? I don’t mind paying the postage, but I would like to know up front…

  7. Argh, I knew I’d forget something. Yes it’s international, I’m in Canada. But please let me know if you don’t want to pay international shipping and I’ll match you up with someone in your country.
    There’s no ‘rules’ about what you send, my photo is just a random picture of scraps I had a while back, I’m sure I have some of those things to toss in but it won’t be that exact pile. I try to send a variety of pretty and usable things. The point it to detash a bit, change things up and be nice and give I just trust no one is going to send icky fabrics :)

  8. Hey Carolina, you’ll have to find a food scale to weigh it out. Or I suppose take some to the post office and just stuff it in there.

  9. PS – Tara, if possible i’d like to send within Canada. Thanks!

  10. Jenny Quillerqueen

    Hi, If the offer is available to Aussies, I would love to participate. I have heaps of pink scraps left from a quilt I just finished, and I have 2 boys so it would be great to do a swap. I can’t guarantee though that all scraps will be unwashed. Will this be OK?

  11. I’m in for sure! My scrap bin runneth over.

  12. Jenny Quillerqueen

    I’m in. How do I sign up?

  13. Is there still time to join in? This sounds great!

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