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Ste Anne’s spa my night away.

Last time I went to the spa it was heaven, this time it was a bigger slightly farther away heaven. I’ve been spoiled going to Ste Anne’s twice in the past few months but I’m not ashamed to say I’ll be doing again!

We’re planning an anniversary trip there shortly. My hubby’s really into cooking and food so I can’t wait for him to try some of the great meals they always serve up.

I had the whole top floor of this house to myself, it was far too much space. There’s beds for 3 and I felt so decadent just puttering around all by myself, but it was a fantastic time away. I took a relaxation class, used the work out room, enjoyed the hot tub (and not the cool plunge pool), eucalyptus room . . . just remembering it all makes me want to be back there.

How fitting there was one of these in the hallway!

If you are in the area you can get last minute deals for a steal, just check about 5 days in advance. Pardon the snow, yeah it took me that long to share these photos! I’ll be quicker with the summer visit ones. It was absolutely *freezing* when I went and I didn’t get to enjoy the grounds so much like I’ll be able to this month.

Create Along catch up.

Well I’ve got a few projects to catch up on and I plan to use my March Break week off to tidy up all these loose ends! I got a little sidetracked this week once I found out I was accepted to the Etsy Success Symposium and had to make travel plans. I was also excited about the break and I booked myself a night away at a spa.

My hubby was super nice this past birthday and booked me a night away at the spa and it was glorious! Ste Anne’s has 2 locations and the location I was at is in a big huge beautiful old manor house and it was incredible.

The rooms have names, my room was Arthur.

In September the weather was unseasonably warm and so I got to make the most of my visit making use of the pool and amazing front porch.

When you book a night you get 4 meals, they serve dinner, breakfast, lunch and tea.

This time I’m heading to the larger location. I can’t wait!