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I won a thing!

A little bit ago on my my Instagram I stumbled on a ‘comment here to win’ post and gave it a go.  Then I won!


I got my pick of t-shirt from Maker Valley.  I, of course, chose the ‘Maker’s Gonna Make’ one, although the one covered in fake threads was a close runner up.  It’s a ridiculously soft and comfortable t-shirt.

I also recieved a tote bag (I’m addicted to totes and bags) and a wee little notebook.  So much awesome.




Need some stocking stuffers?

I recently made a purchase, a one for me one for you sort of deal. One Up Designs has some really fun pencils, notebooks and decals. Not only do I get some fun pencils for shopping there but I was also given a referral code that can get you 30% off your purchase. It’s a pretty super deal since the products are already really reasonably priced.

These little notebooks are super cute. I kinda regret not getting some, you know for my new pencils.

This fun owl decal is pretty awesome too.