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Thrifting fun!

Last night the plan was to go fabric shopping with my bff.  We did a bit of that but weren’t equiped to really search out what she needed so instead we decided to pop into some thrift stores.  We were  amazingly rewarded!  She found a vintage typewriter that she loved, but it was missing the J.  While pondering if she shoudl just take it J-less or not she realised there was another one buried under some stuff right beside it.  I wandered over and checked it out and while I did she lifted up the round keyed one and found the J lying there.  It just needed to be snapped back on.

So we left, each with a typewriter.  Price tags $17.99 each.  Score.

I found this cute little mixing bowl, no idea if it’s actually ‘vintage’ or not but I love the colour and designs.  The little set of plates feature cute little building and are from Germany.  My husband and I have vowed to only have knick knacks if they are from our travels.  These plates aren’t, but they’re really cute and we’ve been to Germany so same thing really.

I also got a Samsonite train case but it’s still in my van and needs some surface cleaning before a photo shoot.