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Happy mail package #1, Dainty Squid and ribbon fun!

It’s been a great week for mail here, and it’s only Wednesday!!  This came yesterday, my order from Dainty Squid.

Then this came today, my first package of Happy Mail. I gotta say I was pretty impressed with my fun stuff form Elisa. I was really surprised when I took my package for her to the post office and found out it was going to be $13 to send a package across our wonderful home and native land! But with all the cool stuff she sent, and the smile my gifts will put on her face it’s all worth it!

Theeeeennnn I went to see my photographer friend, Joanna today, and she brought us back some ribbon from her trip to the states. I was all hyped to order this stuff when I found out about it, $2.95 a bag?! tons of colours and fun selections?! $19.99 to ship to Canada?!!?! nevermind. Since she was heading to the states to visit we sent 4 bags to her Mom’s which she then was kind enough to squeeze into her luggage for the trip home.

I dumped it all out and divided it into wide and thin ribbons and cut TONS of pieces to make taggie blankets. A lot of it is polka dot and so fun and nice vibrant colours.

Ok I am going to attempt to go to bed, this will be the earliest in I don’t know how long. I’ve been creating into the wee hours, or my brain keeps me up with thoughts connected to creating! My friend and I are making a run for the border tomorrow for some shopping, for all that stuff no one will ship to us poor Canadians, so I need my rest!