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My creative weekend in pictures.

Friday night I made this after Wesley went to bed and I had the urge to create a LEGO town for him. So while we watched some mindless shows I constructed on the coffee table. I only took a crummy nighttime iPhone picture and it was night, so I waited for Mr. Sun.

Saturday morning we moved it up to his room on the train table so he could expand it. I had to charge the camera battery before I could snap some up close shots. When I went up to snap some pics later in the day it appears Natezilla had destroyed the town when we weren’t looking. I was sad. There was some rebuilding but my heart wasn’t really into it after seeing all the destruction. Here are some shots of the parts I was pretty proud of.

Saturday Nate found Baby Jobby and played with her all day (except when she was napping and he destroyed a whole town). I bought Baby Jobby while pregnant with Nate because Wesley was asking for a doll. Nate found her neglected and naked in some corner. So I spent some time sewing up some diapers and a dress. Then we went out to buy another baby, there had been a feud, but came home instead with a bed for Baby after Wesley assured me they could share 1 baby and take turns.

I love how there’s a bunch of cars in the crib with Baby Jobby.

Oh and somewhere in all that we made heart shaped crayons for Wesley to give to his classmates. Thanks to Frugal Family Fun Blog for the tips on making them.

Well I have some cup cozy orders to finish thanks to my playful procrastination over the weekend!