I’ve been linked!!!

Thanks to Sew Mama Sew for the link! Hope my soft cloth coutning book inspires someone to make something fun.

In other news, I’m currently in Lazoronte, in the Canary Islands. This keyboard is weird, and whenever Windows asks me something it’s in Spanish so I hope I’m clicking the correct things! I’ve had to pay to get internet access and can’t upload photos right now so I only have stories for you. Today I puzzled the maid who tried to throw out all my collected Capri Sonne (they’re in German!! teehee!!) packages and I had to tell her no. Couldn’t she see they were all nicely flattened and washed!? Waiting to be crafted into something magnificent!!!?!? Between travelling, overcoming jet lag (mine and my childrens’) the only crafting I’ve managed to do it to sew their names on the stockings their Grandparents gave them. I did hit the craft section of 2 different John Lewis stores, too fun!

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