Yet another Style School project.

Finished this today, so it’s good to know that even though I’m in my jammies I’ve done something productive.   I couldn’t find the assigned ‘6 clip boards of the same size’  but I thought I’d start with an idea/need I had.  So here’s my ‘To do’ board, which I hope helps me to accomplish some things and get them to dones.

I stuck the buttons on with glue dots.  I like the idea of making them into little bullets, and I thought that having 5 would be manageable and not too overwhelming for goals

The neat thing about being a teacher is you have neat things like stickers or blackboard markers already!  So I can use them on my cute new little clip board.  However, a down side to being a teacher is after you take a year off on maternity leave you have no idea where most of your teaching stuff is.

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