Idea from IKEA!

A while ago my friend and I were browsing IKEA and I picked up this table runner figuring inspiration would hit.  I’ve been wanting to make a table runner for ages, I’m dying to make this one but can’t collect all the required fabrics.  Instead I decided to embroider the $4.99 IKEA one with some inspiring, warm and fuzzy words.  I chose a dark burgundy red-y colour because I liked it and thought it would look nice with our table.  Finally finished it the other day!

I thought I had run out of floss on the very last section with about 5 inches left to stitch!  I wasn’t impressed.  But then I found a little blob of floss that had slipped behind the tissue box.  I was so happy, it doesn’t take much lately.

2 Responses to Idea from IKEA!

  1. GORGEOUS! i really love it :)

  2. Oh, I just LOVE this idea. We are repainting our entire upstairs including new curtains, shades, and eventually furniture but I need to work with a few things I currently have to save $. I have a small tan table runner that would work with this idea and than I could get the brick red emb. floss to match my new wall paint, use some favorite words of mine and the table will have a new look. Thank you for sharing!

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