Annnnd the winner is!

Thank you everyone for leaving a comment and of course to Julie for being so wonderful and agreeing to donate an item to some crazy stranger who just emailed and asked.

Onto the winning! I was going to have someone in my house help me with this but it appears I’m the only one still awake! Then I was going send a chat message to a friend online demanding a number between 1-13 (Corinne commented twice, one was Julie and 1 comment was me) but I’m not getting an answer. Annnnd I’m too lazy to go get the camera and do an artsy names-written-on-paper-in-a-bowl kinda thing. So I googled the thing everyone else seems to use on their blog and went with that!

Therefore the winner is #, and that makes it . . . (here’s me flipping to the other tab to count comments!) . . . HEATHER!!!! Congrats! Now you’re going to have to decide on your favourite after all. I’ll send you details.

This was so much fun, I think I’m going to have to do more of these. Beware local to me indie crafters!

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