Double Rainbow geekery and a shop update.

I’ve got waaaaay too many ideas right now for the amount of hours that are in a day! I can’t keep up. But I’m trying really, really hard.
Of course that means staying up silly late after the kids are in bed to finish things. Last night I managed to tidy up the ends of a few projects and today I actually accomplished listing them in my store even! I feel like I done good. Here’s some of the things I listed.

My double rainbow pillow.

Little Red tea bag holder/cozy

Very Cherry clutch

Tea Time tea bag holder/cozy

Hoping to get another idea or two out of my head tonight!

4 Responses to Double Rainbow geekery and a shop update.

  1. So cute!! I’m totally in love with your double rainbow pillow!

  2. Hahahaha that double rainbow pillow is AMAZING!
    I can’t stop laughing lol

  3. I love the double rainbow pillow so much! How adorable!

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