Blown up clutch!

Somehow I manged to squeeze making this little gem into my life in the past few days.  Probably because it was already all cut out I just had to do the sewing to assemble it.  I used Keyka Lou’s clutch pattern, which I’ve already made a few times but I enlarged it, about 125% I think.  I find the original size is more wallet like so I was looking to make something that would function as a purse for me.

The problem with having a bit of a bag/tote/purse fetish is that each time I make one intending to sell it I really just want to keep it for myself!

2 Responses to Blown up clutch!

  1. Uh, how cute! What a neat shape. And I love the button. I really should make myself a bag, too. But for some reason there is always something else – something more important – to work on … *sigh*
    Well, one fine day ….

  2. Oh, this is super cute, I saw this pattern and thought about making it, and now I know I must;) I like your choice of fabric!

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