Whoooo’s bag?

I got an awesome gift the other day. My friend Joanna came over to bring me a surprise. Apparently she’s been working on it for months and months.

It’s all awesomely crocheted and lined with fabric. The little wing circles on the sides are pockets. It’s absolutely incredible quality, she did an amazing job.

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  1. oh my what a sweet (owl bag) surprise!! enjoy :D

  2. wow, this is so cute!
    awesome job!

  3. That bag is amazing!!!

  4. I love that bag … does your friend have a pattern for it? I’d love to make one for myself! It’s totally adorable! :)

  5. There is a pattern, not sure where she got it. I’ll find out though.

  6. That pattern is from the magazine Crochet Today! You can order that issue and all the supplies off of their website. I made it for my sister and she loved it. It was so much fun to make and turned out perfectly!

  7. how can i find the pattern to this? it’s been a year, so i’m having a hard time finding it. thanks

  8. Oh right, I’ll ask the maker where she got the pattern.

  9. Please I would adore this pattern as well.

  10. I have the pattern if someone wants it, I have made over a dozen of these owls.

  11. Tammy_421 I would love a copy of this pattern

  12. I will scan the pattern, and have it ready to email.
    let me know your email.

  13. Could someone please explain me row 4-7 in the second link, Jessica_1254 has posted. Please I really don’t get that part

  14. I have the owl bag pattern scanned and ready.

  15. manal_mnasir@hotmail.com could you please email it to me

  16. Sent out owl bag to Bonbon, Have fun!!! I sure have
    Good Luck!!!

  17. Brooke – I have the pattern scanned, if you want a copy email me
    ttfrick@verizon.net and I will send it to you. Its the best project I have ever done!!!

  18. Hey thanks a lot Tammy_421. Could you please explain me the row 4-7 for owl book bag. I don’t understand the additional 21 sc. A little help :)

  19. wow, that makes no sense to me at all, now that i look at it,
    no wonder i ignore the sc in next 21 sc.
    i have made several of these bags, and whether the color change is on the side or the back of the bag, it comes out looking aweesome.
    I can send you a picture of the back of the one I am working on now to show you.

  20. Hey yall. I love this bag, too. I would love to make it for a soccer bag for my niece, her birthday is coming up. My email is butterfly_boswell@hotmail.com if someone could send me the pattern I would really love it. Thanks a lot guys. Have a blessed day.

  21. Hahaa, now I’m sure that atleast I’m not doing it completely wrong,
    Thanks for the assurance =D

  22. LunaMom9 – sent email with pattern attached. Have fun!!!

  23. Hey guys. I see what you’re talking about in the instructions just I just ignored it too I guess – without even knowing it, really lol. Oh well. I haven’t finished the project yet but I have finished the bag part and it turned out fine. I changed my color in the seam of the side of the bag. I’ll post pics as soon as I’m done. Hope this helps a little. Oh, and thanks for the inspiration and pattern!!

  24. I love owls and would really love to have a copy of this pattern.

  25. Lorraine casey

    Hi I would love to make these for mg daughters can anyone email me the pattern please

  26. Hey can someone please send me the pattern my email is ahayes1028@gmail.com THank you! i have been looking for this for about a year now

  27. Please if you have the pattern still, I would love it. My email is reginaskidmore@Gmail.com. so so neat!

  28. Regina, and Ashley
    Sent pattern to ya!!!
    let me know if you got it..

  29. Lorraine,
    I have the pattern, if I had your email I would send it to you.

  30. Launa
    I have the pattern, all I need is your email.

  31. Alyssa,
    I have the pattern, if you still want it, all I need is your email.

  32. I would love to have the pattern. Thanks so much!

  33. Hello! Tammy_421 would you be able to e-mail the pattern please?

  34. email is aimeer999@hotmail.com. thank you in advance!

  35. Can someone please email me the pattern my wanna make for my daughter’s birthday

  36. I’d love a copy of the pattern. This bag is too cute! Lenorajean88@gmail.com
    Thank you so much!

  37. I sent the pattern to all who requested it, Please check your email, and let me know if you received it.

  38. Let me know if anyone else needs a copy….
    I will share! Its Christmas…

  39. I would love the pattern if you would email it to me. I know my mother-in-law would love to have a bag like this.

  40. Tammy, May I please have this pattern?

  41. Can someone please email me the pattern? kristmarlindbach@hotmail.com

  42. I would love a copy of this absolutely adorable colleennoakes1980@gmail.com

  43. Hi, can you send me this pattern please? I would like to make one for my friend. Thanks!

  44. I need email address to send to whoever wants the pattern.

  45. Kat,
    I need an email address

  46. Darlene Petry

    Tammy_421 Would you please send me the owl pattern to lpetry@frontier.com. Thanks

  47. Tammy_421. I would love it if you could send me the pattern! My email is nickandtanya@cogeco.ca. Thank you so much!!