Another scrap swap, who’s in!?

Sure it’s only been a month since I recieved my lovely package of fantastic fabric scraps and surprises in the mail but I can’t wait any longer, I want to do it again!  So who’s with me?

Sign up here, I’ll take names until Wednesday March 16th .  Leave your name and some contact information and I’ll pair us all up. Be ready to commit to shipping your scrap bundle by the end of the month at the latest.  This will be open to everyone everywhere so please let me know if you object to international shipping and I’ll match you with someone in your country.  Last time we confirmed shipping works in mysterious ways (something I’ve learned running my shop) so if you’re shipping across a border keep in mind it might take a bit.

Ok, so:

– scraps must measure at least 2 inches by 2 inches, there is no maximum size but it is supposed to help you destash your scrap bin so sending fat quarters probably won’t help with that.

– scraps must be clean, and in usable condition

– scraps can be new fabric or vintage reclaimed pieces

– fabrics should be of relatively the same weight, cottons/linens/light canvas so allow for quilting and use in the same project

– send 10-ish ounces to your partner mailed by March 31st

Feel free to add some other goodies or random items if you wish.  Check out blogs or shops to get to know your partner, send an email and be friends, most importantly have fun!



22 Responses to Another scrap swap, who’s in!?

  1. I’m in, sounds fun!

  2. Go on then! As long as you promise to join in with my next one in April!!! ;-)

  3. This sounds fun. I’d love to participate.

  4. Ohhhhhh done deal!

  5. count me in Indie fellow student, I am in on this one.. check out my blog.. I just blogged about me learning to sew today.. this will be so fun for me.. thank you! hugs xo

  6. I want to be in! I’m new in this, but anxious to participate in! I’m from Mexico

  7. Sounds like fun I’ll join. I’m a fellow Indie Biz classmate as well.

  8. Hi! I too am an Indie Biz classmate. I have some lovely fabric scraps that need a new home!

  9. I would like to join in. You can contact me on Facebook or on Etsy, or here if you get the email address that’s not published in the comments.

    See you around Indie Biz. – L @ KfL

  10. Please count me in. I have never done this before and am looking forward to it!!!

  11. Oook Leela


  12. Another fellow Indie 3.0 student here! Definitely count me in too

  13. in the US please!

  14. Oooh, should have said that I’m in the UK, but don’t at all mind posting abroad. Hope that’s ok.

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  16. Lovely, I’ve been waiting to join in on a swap!

  17. I’d love to join in!

  18. I’m already signed up, USA only for me please.. thanks!

  19. Sounds like fun! I’ll do it too! =)

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