Scrappy coasters, a work in progress.

I needed a quick new something to whip up the other night for a break from my usual projects. DIY is coming!

I turned to some of my scraps that are already cut into little squares and got inventive and made some coasters. It’s always annoying, especially in the warmer weather, when your nice cold drink sweats all over the table and leaves a big wet ring. With a 4 year old and 2 year old we’re not ready for furniture big leagues yet, most of our stuff is from IKEA but still, won’t hurt to keep it pretty.

9 Responses to Scrappy coasters, a work in progress.

  1. I love your coasters! The fabric combinations are wonderful!

  2. Ohh those are so cute!!

  3. These are so cute! What a great idea too! Maybe I should try this. :)

  4. Love the fabric pairings! And btw, your last post was 2 funny! That right there was an awesome creation!

    Ciao Bella!
    I love visiting you.


  5. Omg what a cute idea!!!! One day when I have time , I may try that too!

  6. Now, good luck trying to get the kids to actually use the coasters.

  7. No way! I’m just finished making a set of coasters with some of the scraps I got from you! I haven’t been able to photograph them because of the gloom. I’ll show them to you asap!


  8. @Janee well then they’re going to be awesome! hehe

  9. Wow, I love them, they’re so colorful!

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