It’s tea time!

Last year while working at a craft event I picked myself up one of these tea thingies. Mostly it was supposed to be a way to get me to use up all the loose tea I have lying around. Usually I just toss a boring orange pekoe tea bag in the bottom and add hot water.

With the cooler weather on the way I decided to finally stitch up a little cozie for it. Then I can take it down to my creative area late at night and have cup after cup of tea!

I used some scraps I had lying around. Also, I snuck in these great wooden buttons I had from a previous Etsy purchase. The fantastic apples came from a bundle I ordered recently from Sara at The Split Stitch. I keep missing her other stash packs in her shop, curse me for being behind in my Google reader! I’m a sucker for scraps.

The inside is also scraps of fabric all quilted together, guess I should take a picture of that part too . . . when it’s not warming tea.

3 Responses to It’s tea time!

  1. very neat! hmm.. now I think I need to try this with my scraps! if you have the jasmine blooming tea, you can’t see the flower, have you tried that kind of tea yet??

  2. i looove drinking tea-people are usually addicted to coffee.. but me.. nooo! im addicted to yerba mate and tea. your cozy is super sweet and practical. really nice fabrics! :) going to check her shop for more beautiful eye candy fabric!! :D

  3. I love this! I use mine for coffee, but I could love little cozy like that for it.

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