Friday Create Along, well sort of.

Okie so here’s a post that probably falls under the ‘bad blog etiquette’ category, but oh well. I’m not done yet. Along with report cards and just a plain busy week I also have the lame excuse of devoting oodles of time to a M.I.A. Create Along project. Remember these slippers? Well I’m not a crocheter but I thought ‘how hard can they be?’. Turns out pretty stinking hard when you’re not really a crocheter!

Here’s how far I was on those slippers by Sunday night.

Yeah, over a month after ‘assigning’ them as a project! Monday I managed to get a 3rd sole done. Yeah a 3rd! These lovely things need 4 soles so they’re all soft and squishy for your feet. Trust me I debated leaving it at only 2 but I figured if I was working this hard on these things I was going to make darn sure I’d be wearing them until they fell off my feet in tatters!

I’ve spent about 12 hours on them so far. 12 hours painstakingly counting and redoing = 3 soles. *sigh*

Onto last weeks assignment. Today I got together with a friend and cut out 36 pieces to make the alphabet A-Z and some for numerals 1-10. 36 8 x 8 pieces and 36 5 x 5 pieces are ready to go. Sadly they aren’t assembled yet.

Allow me to forge ahead and add on a project for this week (it appears I’ve got some sewing to do this weekend!). I ordered some vintage hankies yesterday while browsing around Etsy and some were from this shop. She sent me the link to her very new blog but I love this sachet tutorial. I’ve got a pile of lavender left over from my eye pillow project and this will be a great way to use them up. Plus they’ll make nice little gifts for some lovely ladies and they’ll use fun scrap bits too!

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