Happy dance and shout out.

Hello everyone, just wanted to take a moment to fill you all in on some exciting things going on for me. I’m sure you’ve heard I’m heading to Etsy this week, I’m sooo exicted. Not only do I get to go spend a day with creative types at the Etsy HQ I also was lucky enough to receive one of the corporate ‘scholarships’ Etsy was given by some generous companies! So thanks to Outright a portion of my travel expenses are going to be covered, which is super great. They also interviewed me and will be featuring me on their site, and I’ll get to talk to them in person while in New York.

Along with that I’m just wrapping up some details on my contribution to a crafty ebook that’s coming out soon. I’ve been invited to NYC again in April for a special TV event, but I think I’ll wait to say more once things are finalized. I spent some time playing with this HTML stuff last night and I fancied some things up around here. Sadly, my programmer hubby went to bed before I did so I’m not sure what’s up with the ‘Contact’ page, don’t go there yet. I’ve updated my DIYs and hope to get to the CreateAlongs and Friends pages soon.

2012 is turning out to be a great year for SewTara and we’re only approaching spring! I can’t wait for more great opportunities.

That said I’d like to shout out for anyone wishing to hop on the train and be a sponsor on SewTara for April. Info and stats are here.

I’d be so thrilled to have you!

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