Covert robin goodies.

My gifts arrived a while ago, like a few weeks, I’ve just been so busy with life, sewing and trips to NYC that I haven’t had time to get back to writing about it!

You may recall I made these great sewing kits and sent one to my Covert Robin partner Cassie.

Here are the goodies that arrived for me. And I am ridiculously embarrassed because I cannot find her blog or anything useful to link back to her! Grrrrr.

An awesome little tote, a t-shirt scarf (had never seen/heard of one of those before) and a great pin cushion mason jar full of crafting odds and ends.

I love the sketchy look of the bunting with colourful scraps and the free form stitching.

4 Responses to Covert robin goodies.

  1. I loved that bunting bag too when I saw her post about it. And your sewing kits are adorable, love them. Great job!

  2. i love what you sent! and your gift was from megan of :)

  3. Fun!! I love that tote, and those t-shairt scarfs/necklaces are so fun and stylish!! :)


  4. Love the bunting bag!! So cute!! xo Heather

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