SewTara in Hamilton.

Well, it appears I’m a bit addicted to attending any Etsy event I can. Since I’ve hopped the borer twice it didn’t seem like such a big deal to head down to Hamilton for a meet up. This time it was a joint effort between Etsy and The Beehive Collective. I also sent a Tweet to Elycia since Hamilton is her town and asked what I should check out while I was puttering around downtown Hamilton in the scorching heat. I’m glad she had ideas because I found White Elephant and Needlework.

The lovely ladies behind the collective are gearing up for Supercrawl and a huge art instalation piece. Last year they covered a building in knitted ‘bricks’. This year they plan on covering buildings for a block or so with fabric hexies. We all met up and spent a night whipping up some hexies for the instalation.

If you’d like to help you can download templates here and here and drop them off at a list of places in Hamilton or Toronto or I’m sure you could contact The Beehive and find a way to send your contributions over.

See all the photos in the EtsyCA album.

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