Friday’s stop over in Watertown, NY

On my way to Ottawa this past weekend I left super early on Friday morning to make a pit stop across the border in Watertown, NY because there was a Target and a Joann’s. There was a big line up heading into the US and while I was waiting I saw the huge line to get back into Canada and was worried I’d be super stuck travelling back at about 5pm but all was good.

I thought getting through the border would be pretty easy, I’m a girl, you’re a girl, I’m going to Target, but I was asked a lot of questions and had to open my trunk and such . . . but then I was let into the US!

I picked up some fun fabrics in Joann’s.

I’m in love with this mustardy print.

I paired it up with this pretty grey fabric, no project in mind at all, just love the combo.

I also picked up some woodgrain, because you can always use more woodgrain fabrics!

And this vintage rose sort of print. I must be developing a thing for yellow recently.

Now what to make, what to make . .

5 Responses to Friday’s stop over in Watertown, NY

  1. Those are all so cute! Much better than Fabricland’s offering in Canada. I’ve been wondering about a cross-border fabric shopping run – My inlaws live just an hour from the border, and it would be a fun (though hard to justify) little adventure!
    How did you find the prices compared to Canada?

  2. I LOVE the yellow print, that would be so fabulous in my living room! I wonder if I could order it online….

  3. I’ve been drooling…gorgeous!

  4. Why yes, I’d love to go to the States with you! Nice haul, btw. ;D

  5. Those are great fabrics! At first I thought the wood grain fabric was actually wood. haha!

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