Well I’ve been fighting a plague all week. I’ve just missed 4 days of work, the whole week so far since Monday was a holiday. I’m going in tomorrow, it’s a day I only work the morning. So that makes Friday morning the only time I’ll have gone to work this week. It’s been insane, I’ve never been so sick.

So while today is my last day at home recovering my son asked if I could go to his school this morning because his class was singing a song at the assembly. I feel weird showing up at their school while I’m ‘home sick’, I always worry their principal will see me and then bump into my principal and be all “Tara was at my school today . . ” and then the fact I’ve been dying for days and have a medical note won’t matter and I’ll be in trouble. Yes, even teachers dread being called to the office. But I did speak to his teacher, and sounded terrible still and I bumped into someone who told me I looked horrible, so I think I’m safe.

I got to wave at Nate excitedly as he waved back and me and we waited for the classes to sit down. Then Wesley came in with his class and they were all holding sings that said words. Things like – fun, happy, fast, strong. My son’s sign said ‘Awesome’. I thought that was pretty cool. Then before they started singing his teacher said that the words on the signs were words they used to describe themselves or that others in the class used to describe them. I thought that was even cooler.

Wesley you are beyond awesome and I’m glad you know it.

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