Oh boy I have a problem. It’s making piles of stuff.

I spent the weekend trying to undo the various ‘piles’.

The kitchen table piles really only got moved, in all honesty, because I had friends coming over for dinner on Sunday.

This one’s my ‘I make Kool Aid jammer bags in the kitchen because then I feel I’m sort of upstairs with my kids and not being a neglectful mother by taking time to go create while they play’. Yeah, in the corner of my kitchen. Really need to clean things up.

How are all your work in progresses stored? Are you guilty of piling too?

5 Responses to Piles

  1. I am guilty of piles also. I love the feeling of cleaning a few up, makes me feel accomplished which is a little sad because it just means I put stuff away where it belongs. Oy Vey

  2. I am certain that I have more piles than the rest of you all put together due to more years of accumulation!

  3. I have to many piles to count. I must clean them up today. My main piles are in my dining room, which I only clean up if having company over. I really need my own sewing room! :)

  4. Haha, too funny.

  5. Well that’s what got my piles cleaned up that day, company! Guess we should maybe just invite people over more often :)

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