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I caved.

I debated buying this when I saw it in the Costco magazine but since I only recently bought a used Cricut from someone for $75 I thought it was a bit excessive.  Then I went out to be crafty with some people Friday night and they were all raving about it.  *sigh*  My arm was twisted.  Plus it’s my birthday this week so I consider it a gift to myself.

There’s too much to list all the features here, click the image to go to the link and see it all for yourself.  Even just the little summary makes it worth the price!  “Set includes: 1 Cricut Expression® personal electronic cutter and 1 YourStory® book binder and laminator” Now to watch the mailbox all week!

The Cricut Expression is the 12 x 12 model, so right there it’s larger than the one I currently have. It also comes with 2 cartridges, which is awesome, the Storybook one and the Essential Accents one. I sense there will be some fun to be had!

So anyone want to buy a slightly used in box Cricut machine?