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From Nate to Dr Horrible in about an hour.

Wesley has had a Captain Rex costume for a while. I swear I’m raising the bar way toooo much on myself. My kids think I’m some sort of crafty Wonder Woman who can whip up anything. And while I love to try and get a kick out of creating different things they’re getting pretty sophisticated in their requests. I’ve managed R2 D2 and Darth Vader, a monster, and a ghost once but that was literally the whole white sheet with holes trick.

We’ve been watching a lot of Dr Horrible. We listen to it in the car. We watch it all snuggled on the couch. We randomly sing it without the music.

One time while watching it I said “That’s it, I’m dressing you guys up as Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer this year, for real” Nate said “Let’s do the wedgie part!” And thus my motivation was kicked into overdrive.

I grabbed some red fabric at Fabricland and one of Nate’s t-shirts. I traced out the shoulder and neck bit of the shirt and then just sort of went with tapering and a length I thought would work.

With some buttons from my stash, bits of velrco, some stretchy gloves stolen from a neighbour and some black fabric . . . voila! Evil Dr Horrible. So out the door I went about an hour from my project starting to head to my friends for a backyard fire with Captain Rex and Dr Horrible in tow.

Captain Hammer is next, oh and some other Clone Wars guy.

Happy Halloween!

Hope you had a fantastic Halloween. I couldn’t find my modified prom dress that goes with my Tooth Fairy costume so I whipped up a cute plush tooth instead (complete with Mollie-eqsue face) . . . but I know it’s here somewhere.

I had a great day at school, considering it was Halloween. Sadly, with it being on a Wednesday we’ve still got 2 days left to see how crazy it’s really going to get.

My classroom runs on it’s own little time table because I teach a small special education class so I don’t see much of the school, we have our own kitchen, bathroom and we use the fenced in Kindergarten yard for recess but today I happened to catch a glimpse of the gym teacher and I’m so glad I did. Best. Costume. Ever!

We were so busy at home this evening I didn’t even snap a pic of the kids! Wow, mom fail.

Stand still will ya!

Taking photos of my kids is challenging. They *never* stop moving. Well one might, but good luck getting them both still! Here’s some shots of Wesley’s costume, complete with sequin covered ‘hose’ and Nate’s Old Navy knock off costume.

I made Nate’s entire costume out of things on hand. A fact that is both impressive and kinda hoarder-like. It was ridiculously simple. I just cut a big rectangle, took a hole out of it, cut 2 hoodie pieces, assembled them and then stitched them to the hole. It was like a big poncho type things. Then I decorated the belly and added the elastic to gather up the bottom. I’m pretty impressed with myself (you’d figure I’d be over that shocking “Wow I’m pretty craft!” phase by now)

Hope you had a great Halloween!