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I have made something new.

It’s in my shop now.

It was created with Valentine’s Day in mind but it’ll work for all year round.

I carved a HUGE stamp with my own little hands (the first of many I hope) and then stamped with brown fabric ink on the unbleached cotton. Then I cut out my usual cozy shape and embroidered the lettering and heart on. Then stitched it up into it’s lovely cozy form.

The wood button goes really well with it and saves me using a label! You can you admire, or buy, one here.

A new journey.

I finally got around to reading Making an Impression by Geninne Zlatkis. I took it with me to my overnight spa trip. So it was prefaced with a few hours quiet time, then I laid in bed with some music on, on a belly, in my jammies and read the book with my shiny new sketchbook right beside me.

I’m dying to get into stamping and printing my own fabrics, I’m collecting ideas on this Pinterest board. I’m making an effort to work hard at researching techniques and gathering ideas and inspiration.

It didn’t take long to flip through the book and soak up all the lovely images. In about an hour I filled the first page of my sketchbook with doodles of possible stamps, designs for fabric and new cup cozies! I really have to make more time in my busy life to do this again.

If you’re looking to get inspired along the same lines visit Geninne’s blog for some great ideas and pretty, pretty images.