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Tea cup pin cushion . . . tutorial-ish.

I’ve come across cute little tea cup pin cushions and today I remembered I had 2 special tea cups wrapped in bubble wrap hidden away in a cupboard because I had no where to display them.  They were my Great Grandmother’s and they were passed onto me when my Grandfather died about 2 years ago.  So I decided to go about creating a tea cup pin cushion.  It’s not that tricky, or a fine science or anything, but here’s how I did it.

I chose some vintage-y looking fabric I had lying around.

I needed to cut the fabric into a circle, had no clue about what size to I just got something round.  I placed the saucer on the fabric and traced a little bit from the edge and cut the circle out.

Then I grabbed some stuffing . . . stuff and guesstimated how much I would need.  It looked like a lot but once it was all squished up it was perfect.  So if you’re trying this, take a little bit more than you think.

Then I did a running stitch around the circle and pulled on the thread to gather the fabric and close up the fabric.

So then you have this little dumpling like bundle.

And voila!