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Vintage bag plan

So I found some fabric to line the inside of my awesome vintage bright red bag and make it camera and laptop ready.  I think it’s actually some sort of kid farm print but it matches great and I love the faux bois look.  I was also going to decorate it with some fun sort of design.  Being too afraid to do anything permanent I wondered if my Cricut peel and stick vinyl would work.  I sketched and cut out a cute little squirel but it didn’t seem like it would stand up to usage.  The vinyl stuck well but if I tried to use the pocket or moved that area too much bumps appeared in the vinyl.

So for now I put it on my train case since that’s a harder surface.  That’s also where I’m storing all my great vintage linen bits and pieces.  I’ve also found some trim and bias tape here and there so it’s there as well.

The expanding collection.  There’s more in my other vintage suitcase too.