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I broke my promise.

I said to myself I would work through the stash of fabric I have, but then I found some cute stuff online and well, you know how it goes. A few clicks and an order (possibly two) was placed. Yeah, I need help. But behold the pretty colours and prints.

Most of it is Khristian A Howell’s The Woodlands collection. There’s an Etsy search so you can see all the prettiness. I ordered mine from Fabricworm.

Sewing machine cover, courtesy of One Yard Wonders.

I made a promise to myself the other day to complete some projects from the various sewing books I have purchased recently.  So the other night I sat down to create a sewing machine cover.  Behold.

I cracked open my trusty copy of One Yard Wonders and decided to play.

I just happened to have a piece of fabric nearly the perfect size, 1 inch less, and some of my fun wood grain print left over from some Style School projects.  I used plain brown fabric on the inside of the pocket to conserve what little wood grain print I have left.  It’s just too fun to use on the *inside* of something.

The pattern called for these little box corner thingies, which I have never done and I must say I was quite nervous about cutting into my perfectly well sewn project to make new corners.  It all turned out well in the end of course.

I added some rick rack to the pocket, just because.  I resisted adding buttons as well since I thought that might make it all little too much like my Style School notebook cover.  Not sure exactly what one puts in a pocket on the front of a sewing machine but I’m sure I’ll find something.

This was my first project of my 4 project evening a few days ago, so of course, once I finished this lovely cover I had to take it off to sew the next thing on my list.  I wasn’t sure where to put it while the machine was in use.  Then I had a brilliant idea . . . it makes a great chair topper, complete with pocket!

Notebook cover complete!

I had a hard time with this Style School project.  Maybe because I was tired, maybe because I was sewing stupid last night, but I could not make sense of the tutorial at all!  So I decided to just do my own thing and create the cover.  Well that failed miserably because I’d sew something and be wrong and have to stitch rip it.  Or I’d get to the end and realise I hemmed too much and didn’t leave enough material, i sewed it all together and put the buttons on last because it was too much thought about placement so it was really finicky with the pen spots there to sew the buttons . . . the list goes on.

However, I suppose it wasn’t all that bad since I did finish it today and I love it, so all was not lost.