Lunch bag reveal.

I’m such a nut. So I sat down with the pattern I intended to use for my lunch bag loaded up on my iPad, read the materials, gathered them up and then read the finished size and said to myself “Oh that’s too small!” and wandered off to do my own thing. Welcome to the way I sew my friends. I’m a terrible pattern follower. The truth is out. I’ll share the dimensions I used soon.

So onto my awesome lunch bag.

I used some of that wonderful elephant print I had lying around and matched it up with some red $1 bargain cut from a quilting shop, and some aqua damask. I had a piece of handle bits that was just the right size.

I used iron in interfacing and recycled some fleece I had lying around for the padding.

It’s a big hit at school!

7 Responses to Lunch bag reveal.

  1. Love the ellie fabric, it’s fab!

  2. I can totally relate to you. I start out with a pattern but alway change it in the middle of the process of sewing. Your bag turned out so nice! The size is perfect. I have a question: my lining is always big if I follow the sizes given in the pattern. Does it happen to you too? and what do you do about it?

  3. I can relate too. Very cute bag!!

  4. Yeah that happens to me too. My fix it for that, don’t know if it’s right, is to use a slightly larger seam allowance on the lining pieces and trim the excess fabric. Well that’s what I did this time when I tried to pop the lining inside and match the corner seams and nothing fit! I think that’s a pretty acceptable solution, but it does make you think why don’t people make the lining pattern pieces a tad smaller?

  5. I LOVE the fabrics!
    And I can relate…
    I start to crochet and I’m like, “What, that’s not how it should be done,” then it’s my way. :)

    <3 Ashlynn.

  6. hi! sorry for offtopic, but how can follow your blog?
    is there Google Friend Connect Button or something?

  7. Ummmmm RSS? Guess I’ll add that to my ToDo list huh?

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