Free patterns!

I’ve written about I Think Sew before, and I plan to again, but I just wanted to point out that not only do they have really great patterns they also give many away for free. Right now there’s a pile of them just free for the taking. Like these pouches!

And this tote! Oh my weakness for totes . . .

The ones you can purchase are also really reasonably priced.

I plan on making this next for my Create Along, provided I can muscle up enough hexies that is!

3 Responses to Free patterns!

  1. Thanks for the recommendation girl! I’m headed on over to check out their patterns right now!

  2. No problem, always happy to help other people join the Fabric and Pattern Hoarder’s Club!

  3. Thanks for the pointer Tara, I need to bookmark/download those patterns ASAP!

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