Spring-ish cleaning giveaway!

So I was doing some organizing and cleaning up in my crafty space and I realize I have just too many creations. Things I’ve tried, things I’ve made 1 of . . . they’re just piling up and taking up space.

Instead of letting that happen I’d like to make someone a nice big package of handmade happy mail and ship it off to you!

If you’re interested in some surprise fun stuff from me leave a way to contact you below and I’ll get stuffing that envelope. For a bonus entry tell me something you did to Spring Clean recently.

I’ll take names until Tuesday April 23rd and then I’ll get shipping.

26 Responses to Spring-ish cleaning giveaway!

  1. I would love some surprise fun stuff from you! :)

  2. i would love to win a package. thanks for the chance!

  3. We moved in with my mother in law because she is moving out. Our spring cleaning is consisting of her packing, then I clean the empty spots, then putting my stuff in there. its slow going but its going.

  4. Oooooo I would love this. I did some online spring cleaning today and cleared out my Bloglovin’ feed with blogs I don’t read. Hopefully I can manage it now :D

  5. i love spring cleaning! I have a spare room that needed it last weekend- that fun project took all day!!! xox thanks for a chance :)

  6. I love handmade items and would love to win one of your creations. Like you, I cleared and organized my craft area so everything is in its proper place. Thanks!

  7. I would love some happy mail from you! I just cleaned out part of our attic, could take 4 seasons to clean the whole thing.

  8. Oh – and spring cleaning. I have a similar problem to you, except none of the projects I have lying around are finished. :\ So my spring project is to actually FINISH things, and send them on their way. So far this week, I’ve finished a baby quilt and a little wall hanging. :)

  9. I cleaned out my recipe book cupboard and my spice one too! I love that its more organized! Thank you for the fun chance!

  10. My spring cleaning started today with my phone, 1,000+ pics and text messages over 8 months old! Tired of the junk! Next week begins in the house! Would love some fun goodies!

  11. Oh boy I just love surprises!!! LOL I have tried to do some organizing but I think I need more storage lol.

  12. I do love surprise packages! I cleared out my craft cupboard the other day….well I say cleared out, mostly I just sat and looked at all the shiney stuff I’d forgotten I had! :)

  13. As if I need more stuff… but I love your stuff! (seeing as I have a collection started already *lol* )So I will enter too!

  14. A surprise package sounds exciting! :) I have been slowly getting through a pile of magazines looking for recipes to adapt to be allergy friendly. Slowly but surely, I am getting there! :)

  15. I like surprises :D

  16. Oh i’m in love! sounds great.


  17. Hey Tara! I would love your creations.

  18. I love surprise bags!!! I also love your crafty creations!! Spring cleaning is some of my favourite cleaning!! I am attacking quick easy projects that I’ve been putting off…unfinished crafts, dusting, deep cleaning the bathroom…it feels good but that might be the fresh air I’m getting with the windows wide open!!!

  19. Woo! A package of Tara goodies is an awesome idea.

    Spring cleaning-wise, we recently hung bike hooks on one of our library walls and that cleaned up (a tad) the mess of bikes sitting on the floor. :)

  20. Ooooh!! pick me! lol! ;) Hmmm… i’d love to win, but spring cleaning? Is it bad if i’m actually waiting for spring to PROVE to me that it’s here? lol!!

  21. Love!! I’ve cleaned out my office and rearranged my whole house this spring for a new baby coming this fall!

  22. Too fun! I really don’t need anything but I love your creations! I’ve been busy cleaning and giving away things we don’t need or use anymore. I’m trying to give away at least one hundred things and right now I’m at 45…I may need to up the number to 200!

  23. Thank you love my wallet from you use it all the it,e so cool

  24. Thx

  25. What a grand idea! Maybe we should all be doing this and move the swag around. Thanks for thinking this up!

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