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Vintage haul

I found some really fun stuff thrifting last week.

There’s that pillow case I turned into a lovely headband, and actually 2 other projects that remain to be revealed.  That patchwork stuff is a big chuck of fabric.  I couldn’t resist picking up the Star Wars sheet.  My hubby still has his childhood Return of the Jedi comforter that he uses every night.  When I make our bed I hid it under our nice duvet.  Someday, when we have more rooms I think I’ll make a guest bed with Star Wars bedding.

I found this lovely gem and couldn’t resist.  It’s too bad I already made library bags for the boys when I took Home Ec because this would be perfect.  Maybe I’ll rename their library totes something else and wip up some with this anyway.  You can never have enough totes right?  Is it wrong to push my addiction on to my children?