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Product redesign, just in time for the rest of my holiday orders.

I’ve been toying with the idea of changing my cup cozies for a while.  They fit nicely on almost all disposable cups but I thought it was a bit of an oxymoron that they go on disposable cups at all.  I use mine on a not-a-paper-cup porcelin travel mug but I had to make one a tad bigger so it would fit around it.  Also with my design they can’t go on handled travel mugs.  Sooooo I spent some time ironing out the whole button closure thing, with an elastic rather than a button hole to allow for some flexibility in the different sizes of cups out there.  Here’s my scrap busting prototype.

I also asked at the fabric store for something I could add to the middle to help insulate better and provide more layers between finger and hot cups.  I was introduced to a batting that has a thermal coating on one side which will help keep fingers cool and beverages warm!

Still folds down nice and flat for easy bag/purse/tote/pocket storage when not in use and easily slides onto many different cups now!  So off to complete these last few orders.

Etsy shop update!

My screen was ready at about 7pm on Saturday night and I managed to print and make most of my new designs by Sunday night!  I was so excited to finally be able to create them.  So here’s a sneak at some of my new listings, minus the one in the middle that’s for something special and the gleeky one that’s for a friend.