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Repurposing. No really.

My husband has had this backpack since before we met. It’s traveled a few places with us, around Cuba, Europe, and North America. However, it’s time is done. But before sending it on it’s way I decided to strip it of all the usable buckles and clips, which turned out to be quiet a bit! Now to get crafting and make use of them.


Is it still environmentally friendly or recycling if you go buy the juice pouches specifically for the craft?

My son drinks apple juice, which we water down about 80%. He doesn’t need more sugar and he’s a bit of a drink snob and won’t drink anything else, especially water. I won’t let him drink Kook-aid, I don’t need the hyper aftermath, but I do need these juice pouches!!!! Maybe I can buy the neighbours’ kids some, supply them with free drink as long as they harvest the garbage for me.

Today I found one in a vending machine I used, so I brought it home to wash out and add to my collection that was drying on the counter. Wesley got one while Trick-or-Treating, which I poured down the sink and washed the pouch. I’ve got my cousin on collection duty, her son takes them in his lunch. Once I return to work back in the classroom I’m sure I’ll be able to snag some more to bring home. I’m dying to try making a lunch bag with them, I’ve found tutorials for the bags/purses and it’s all simple enough, but first I need to keep collecting!