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Kool Aid jammer beach bag fun!

Someone at work mentioned she had attempted to sew juice pouches and kept breaking needles.  I happily offered to make her the bag she couldn’t make herself.  So I sat down to construct a bag and liked it so much I made myself one too!

It’s absolutely ginormous and can hold everything you need to head to the beach/park/swimming.  I’ve carried mine back and forth to work, swimming with the kids and yes, to the beach!  It’s great for things that are wet, like your water bottle that gets all condensation-y, or your wet swim stuff.  I used black nylon for the straps and I made them really big, I bought about a  metre/yard and just cut it in half to make 2 straps.

Juice pouch tote? Check!

I finally had time to run to the sewing machine and finish off my juice pouch tote attempt #1.  I’m really happy with it.  It took 17 pouches to make, 4 on each side, 5 to go around the sides and 1 for each handle.  I sewed it all together with a zigzag stitch and attached the handles with just a straight stitch.

Recycled fun!

I’m going to get to work planning a messenger bag or something for my laptop.

Recycled view number 2.