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Happy Tuesday

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I’m ridiculously excited about something I made on the weekend. Which is kinda funny since it’s made from garbage. I’ve had this idea for months and finally got around to making myself one.

Back at the beginning of my blog I took apart my hubby’s beloved travelling backback. He was throwing it out and I figured those buckles and straps would come in handy some day. Turns out I was right. I used the clasp, a D ring and the other little thingie that makes the strap adjustable. I was on a role Sunday making this and realised I didn’t have any new straping so I decided to use what I had from that backpack. Note: Don’t use 10 year old backpack straps on new creations.

It holds a ton, and can handle weight, that I knew already from my beach bag. There’s my ipad, purse organizer, coin purse (all made by me), wallet and a few other things.

I hung the bag on the hook overnight full of all my things for work, including my camera to take pics. Then as I walked out the door wearing it the strap broke. So I quickly resewed it. It broke again. It was so brittle it was just snapping. I tried to tie it in a knot just to make due and get to work and it just snapped each time. So last night I replaced the strap with new materials after a stop at the sewing store on the way home.

120 juice pouches = 4 totes

I had the great chance to be home alone for a while during the day last week. So I brought my ‘juice pouch sewing machine’ up to the bright sunny kitchen, listened to some music and got some gifts and orders all done.

Kool Aid jammer beach bag fun!

Someone at work mentioned she had attempted to sew juice pouches and kept breaking needles.  I happily offered to make her the bag she couldn’t make herself.  So I sat down to construct a bag and liked it so much I made myself one too!

It’s absolutely ginormous and can hold everything you need to head to the beach/park/swimming.  I’ve carried mine back and forth to work, swimming with the kids and yes, to the beach!  It’s great for things that are wet, like your water bottle that gets all condensation-y, or your wet swim stuff.  I used black nylon for the straps and I made them really big, I bought about a  metre/yard and just cut it in half to make 2 straps.