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Happy Halloween!

Hope you’re all having a great evening! Here’s some pics of our Jack-o-lanterns we made last night. I’ll be sure to post the costume pics tomorrow.

I gave Wesley a marker and had him draw on his pumpkin and then I cut it out. It was pretty neat to see what he did with it. So cool that he’s old enough to participate more. Nate just told us what we wanted on his pumpkin, perhaps next year he’ll be more into it too. I got a little silly with my pumpkin and decided to have it eating poor little pumpkins.

My pumpkin family

We went to a farm on the weekend.  They are just opening to the public really, and selling organic grass fed beef and such.  There was a jumping castle and wagon rides and all sort of family fun.  One of the things was a ‘decorate a pumpkin’ table.  Being the only female, aside from a cat, in the house kinda stinks sometimes.  I COULDN’T get any of my wonderful boys to come over and make a pumpkin.  Sooooo I decided to go ahead and make 4 pumpkins all by myself.