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My cup cozy is in the ‘procrastinate’ position.

Weeeeell, maybe it hasn’t been all procrastinate I have been busy with my shop but that was only since July.  Remember my counting books?  I posted about them in . . . months ago.  A big part of the problem was running out of osenburg, which I have only found at Joann’s craft stores so that means a cross boarder trip.  When I went in September I bough 10 yards of it.  I should be good for a while.

Last night I buckled down and finished one for someone.  She asked for 2 of them so I’m hoping to get the other one done this weekend.  And spidey senses must have been tingling in my area because just randomly 2 other friends asked where the books are for their babies.  So I’ve got a little To Do list for this weekend and those counting books are on it!  Along with a few other things of course.

Here are some shots of Mya’s counting book.

I finished it at about 11:30 but wasn’t happy with the size of the first few pages, somehow the pages were getting bigger at towards the back.  So I did some stitch ripping and re-sewing until the wee hours.

Thanks to my fancy pants new to me sewing machine I was able to add some fun, and time saving touches.

I also got creative with the tactile side of things and put this fun stuffed cupcake on the first page.

Finished off with my lovely labels, which are iron on but I sewed them as well because I like that look.