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Friday find – The Sea Within.

At my first craft show earlier this month this lovely lady had a table there as well. I soooo badly wanted this bag, love the apple print, but I resisted.  She said she moved here form the US and brought a lot of fabric with her, I checked Etsy for this one but can’t find it.

Good for me, I decided if I want to own any more bags/totes/purses I must create them myself, bad for her. However, her bags are quite lovely and so I thought I’d share the love and let you all in on her wonderful little store. Enjoy!

Friday finds.

So I’ve decided to dedicate Fridays to sharing all the creative people I’ve found as a result of this blog endeavour of mine.  I’ve got a pile to work through and I’d like to start with Blue Calla. Met her at a little Mommies night out thing a few weeks ago and, thanks to my weakness for all things tote/purse/bag related, I made a purchase.  Here’s the wonderful little number I bought.

She uses such nice fabrics and the patterns are very stylish. I’ve been using the bag since, almost everyone comments on it. I learned from my Hot Butter purchase that people like fun one of a kind bags and usually ask, “Did you make that?” so I grabbed a bunch of her business cards and I’ve been giving them out when people ask!

Here’s some more of her great stuff.  Find her on Facebook where you can see her entire fabric selection!

Totes in waiting.

I’ve grouped these fabrics together to create  . . . . something . . .  somday.

Currently I’m in the middle of a really neat project and while I’m tempted to blog what I’ve got done so far I’m forcing myself to wait until it’s all finished.  Plus that way the tutorial will make more sense!

I’m also dying to try this Christmas Stocking project.  However, since we’ll be travelling this year, and I’d have to be cutting and piecing pretty much right at this moment it might have to wait.  January clearance Christmas fabric here I come!