Crayon cozy – attempt #1.

Thanks to this tutorial I was inspired to try a crayon cozy.   It was fun and I only  made one ‘oops’.

crayon cozy

I even got fancy and added my own little lable to it.  I did however make a mistake when cutting the pieces and for some reason it’s about an inch too short.  The result is it only holds 15 crayons rather than the 16 it should.  So out you go Red-Orange, who needs you anyway when there’s Orange and Yellow-Orange!?


I got a little bit inventive and added a button and elastic closure.  I’m a pro at that after my car cozy and playmat.

rolled up

3 Responses to Crayon cozy – attempt #1.

  1. The label is actually a pretty good idea. I’m about to sew about 24 of these for my son’s party and may include a thanks for coming label, did you sew yours on or iron it?

  2. I used an iron on sheet an printed ‘’, then I ironed the words onto a ribbon. Cut the ribbon and ironed it onto the fabric.
    I’ve only made the one and I think in the future I will stitch it on just to make sure it holds, I just wasn’t sure about the placement until I was finished.

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