Easy Easter treat stand.

Made this cute little stand for our Easter/springtime snacks.  My friend and I have been on the hunt at thrift stores for the perfect pieces to make a cake stand.  While browsing Joann’s last week she happened to pick up an egg cup and a small plate and we had an idea.  So we each picked up a cup and plate.  They were in a clearance aisle for 50% off!   A little bit of glue . . ..

A little bit of drying . . . .

All ready to go, just add treats!

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    1. That is so awesome! I would’ve never thought of something so practical. Kudos on the find, the idea and the execution.

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    3. This is so cute!

      Ummmm…is there a JoAnn’s near you? I thought those were only in the US? Please tell me there is! lol

    4. haha, noooo sadly there isn’t. it’s closer to you actually :)
      i went on a road trip across the border. i go on a craft run from time to time.

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