First feature and giveaway!

This time I’m over here at The Monster and Me. Check out their fun blog and enter my giveaway! Up for grabs this time is a medium Kool Aid Jammer tote.

Go check them out and enter the giveaway!

2 Responses to First feature and giveaway!

  1. Ok I see what you mean. I guess I didn’t get the reference cos I didn’t know what a kool aid jammer was. I’m guessing it’s a drink packaging?
    Going to check you out on the other site now!
    P.S. The link has an oopsie…should be no www.

  2. wow, weird, thought I cut and pasted that!
    good thing you’re looking out for me lately!

    No Kool Aid Jammers in Australia? ;) It is drink packaging.

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